I regularly give talks on topics related to Free Software and Open Culture. My main topics are Wikidata, KDE, community building and Linked Open Data.

If you would like me to speak at your event please do get in touch.

Here is a selection of my talks:

2020 to today

Date Event Topic Material
2022-10-24 3rd Wikidata Workshop @ ISWC Keynote: 10 years of Wikidata - insights for researchers and current challenges slides
2022-10-02 Akademy Project-specific fundraising and what it means for KDE e.V. slides
2022-07-12 LD4 Conference Wikidata - Where are we? What’s coming? -
2022-07-10 Wikidata Data Quality Days Item Quality Evaluator slides
2022-03-22 Wikidata Data Reuse Days Let’s keep in sync - an intro to the Mismatch Finder slides
2022-03-19 Wikidata Data Reuse Days Wikitrivia slides
2022-03-15 Wikidata Data Reuse Days How to retrieve Wikidata’s data - your guide through the jungle slides
2022-03-15 Wikidata Data Reuse Days Best practices for reusing Wikidata’s data slides
2021-11-18 Fachtagung des Netzwerks maschinelle Verfahren in der Erschließung Wikidata : Datenqualität in einer offenen Wissensdatenbank slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon Scaling Wikidata Query Service - unlimited access to all the world’s knowledge for everyone is hard slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon Wikidata and Wikibase - What happened? Where are we going? slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon Taking in feedback from re-users at scale slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon Ontology issues in Wikidata slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon Measuring and monitoring data quality - How do we know if our data is high quality? slides
2021-10-30 WikidataCon A world in which 99% of Wikidata’s editors never come to slides
2021-09-13 Wikidata Data Quality Days Ontology issues in Wikidata slides
2021-09-10 Wikidata Data Quality Days Mismatch Finder and beyond - How can we incorporate feedback from big re-users at scale? slides
2021-09-09 Wikidata Data Quality Days ORES - Using AI for quality control in Wikidata slides
2021-09-08 Wikidata Data Quality Days Opening session slides
2021-08-17 Wikimania Neat and tidy: data quality on Wikidata material
2021-08-16 Wikimania Wikidata: What happened? Where are we going? material
2021-08-16 Wikimania Making feedback loops work for Wikidata material
2021-06-20 Akademy Make a living in KDE slides
2021-03-18 ENDORSE Wikidata as a central hub in the linked open data web slides and video (day 3)
2020-11-25 SMWCon What’s new in the world of Wikibase and where is it going? -
2020-10-02 1st Wikidata Workshop @ ISWC Keynote: Wikidata - giving more people more access to more knowledge -
2020-02-01 FOSDEM Wikibase Ecosystem - taking Wikidata further slides
2020-02-01 FOSDEM Lexemes in Wikidata - structured lexicographical data for everyone slides
2020-01-20 Qurator Conference Data quality in Wikidata -

Before 2020

Date Event Topic Material
2019-10-25 WikidataCon Wikidata and languages slides
2019-10-25 WikidataCon A glimpse at Wikidata - state of the project slides
2019-08-16 Wikimania GLAM Wikidata keynote slides
2019-08-16 Wikimania Something small for everyone - quick contribution ideas with Wikidata slides
2019-08-16 Wikimania Everyone gets one - Wikibase and the Wikibase Ecosystem slides
2018-12-03 GNDCon Keynote: Wikidata and libraries program
2018-07-22 Wikimania What does this mean in … - building bridges with machine-readable lexicographical data in Wikidata slides
2018-07-20 Wikimania Wikidata - building bridges every single day slides
2017-10-29 WikidataCon Wikidata + Wiktionary - lexicographical data for everyone slides
2017-10-28 WikidataCon Wikidata - state of the project slides
2017-08-13 Wikimania Bringing lexicographical data to Wikidata slides
2017-08-12 Wikimania The (Wiki)Data (R)Evolution slides
2017-04-26 foss-north Keynote: Wikidata - lessons learned from building a knowledge base with 17000 volunteers slides
2017-02-10 WSDM Cup Workshop Keynote -
2016-10-11 DKT16 - Smarte Technologien für Wissensarbeiter Kuratierungstechnologien für und mit Wikidata -
2016-09-15 DBpedia Conference Bringing structured data to Wikipedia with 16000 volunteers slides
2016-09-04 QtCon Wikidata and your application: Make your software part of the Free Knowledge ecosystem slides
2016-09-03 QtCon Quo Vadis, KDE? A FOSS Community’s Journey toward its Vision and Mission slides
2016-06-26 Wikimania User Digest: Wikidata - the most important things you need to know about Wikidata, its community and the ideas behind it slides
2015-10-11 World Health Summit Wikidata: Giving More People More Access to More Knowledge -